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Journey Home

We made it home!

We went to the airport at about 12 mid day as that was our hotel check out time.
We didn't have to pay for our very heavy one suitcase because the lady at the airline desk was lovely.

We went through American customs in Toronto.. helpful! This meant that we didn't have to see our checked on bag until Melbourne!

Our flight wasn't until about 5pm, so we had loads of time to kill. We wandered around, ate food, sat around, watched the Ipad, talked to people and finally set off for Chicago.

We got on the plane first. I sat Tova next to the window so that she wouldn't fall off the isle seat nor bother the person sitting next to her (other than bothering me, which is fine of course). The guy that had booked that seat was quite horrified that she was sitting in his seat. I offered to move her after explaining that it was for safety reasons and for his own sanity, he wouldn't talk to me. I even said that the flight attendants would move us or him, or any combination that made him happy. He still wouldn't talk. I think he must have a diagnosis of something, so he is excused for being a bum head. Not his fault, unless he is just a fartface. Anyway. I got to talking with the mum in the seat in front of us and wished so much that we had all been seated together. She was great to talk to. Her daughter has some special needs and she was moving cities to be able to get better education and therapy for her child.

When we landed the horrible guy next to me wouldn't move, even though I had told him I had 40 mins to get to my next plane and had to run, he did get up to let me out when I physically got up and started walking into him.

Tova and I ran to our next plane and bored the second we got there. That wasn't fun.

This flight was about 4 hours. I don't remember much about it. Boring. Actually, that story above may be from the Chicago to LA flight. I am not sure what happened on the flight from Toronto to Chicago. It was quick, we ran off right away to get our flight to LA.

When we got off at LA we ran to our next boarding gate where we found out that our flight was delayed. So I was able to catch a breath.
It was midnight for Tova by then. She was completely wrecked. Crying, blotchy face and ended up falling asleep in her pram. When we boarded the flight I lay her down on two seats until we took off. The flight attendant moved the guy in our row so we had 3 seats to ourselves. When we took off I sat Tova up and she remained asleep. She stayed asleep for 9 hours. Then stayed awake until we got home yesterday in the evening. I don't know what that means in hours, but she stayed awake for ages.

We got to Sydney, had a short wait, the quick flight to Melbs. The ipad lost charge on the last leg half way through! What a brilliant invention!

Customs was easy, I said we had chips and maple syrup, they said, great, see ya!

I took a few deep breaths just before the doors opened to the public part of the airport where I knew a Yuval was waiting for us. I thought I could probably just almost hold it together and not cry when I saw him, but then I noticed a little Nissim and it was all over for me. We fell into each others arms and yep, he made me cry coz he is so cute.

I didn't see Yuval and Tova see each other, but Yuval said Tova ignored him. It wasn't until we got to the car that Tova wouldn't let Yuval put her down. She was clinging on so tight. It was beautiful.

Tova was completely fine. She stayed awake all day with no problems, I wanted to sleep so badly. I really struggled, and I think i fell asleep for 30 mins on the couch at 4ish. After dinner and bath we put Tova to bed at around 6 and I passed out at around 6.30pm. Nissim kept Yuval and I on our toes every couple of hours last night, waking and wanting to come into our bed etc...

Ok, so now it is Wednesday. Yesterday Yuval, Nissim, Tova and I went on the hunt to get her a big girl bed. We ended up trying out new prams and buying two wardrobes, one for each child. They were half price and they are perfect. So that is good.

Tova and I went to bed early last night.

This morning the school bus came and collected Tova, I took Nissim to creche.

I then went driving around FREEEEEE and went to a bunch of shops. Now I am home. For the first time in forever I am home alone. I feel terrible, tired, but happy. I wonder how school is going.
We turned the walking frame around but it is a bit fast for Tova with 4 wheels. I wonder if they are using her canes too? I will call them later.

One really lovely thing, amongst many lovely things, about this school is, when the bus came this morning, the bus monitor knew all about our adventures because she has been reading this blog. I think that is really sweet. Everyone one in that school loves the kids.. Well at least they love Tova! How could they not!

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