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Day Twenty-Two

Week four already. I feel relief and sad about this. I would love for Tova to stay here for another 5 weeks of this program as I can see it would be very beneficial. But I am also happy that we get to leave in 2 weeks. I am so looking forward to Niagara.

This morning I found BODY ATTACK online, on youtube... it feels great to have done something normal. It was fun jumping around in my room. So I will probably do that each day now, so that my spirits are lifted a bit.

Tova is in class, probably having heaps of fun.

I've run out of nappies, which sucks as now I have to beg someone to take me to town.. *sigh*. I think I have 2 nappies and a couple of those trainer pull ups, which aren't good, but it should last me till tomorrow. I know I said I can handle not having a car, and I can, but I fell so annoying asking for a lift to town all the time. And then people feel bad if they say no because they aren't going today. It is all a bit awkward.
There are two mums here that take me to town and they are both absolutely lovely. One of them is having a birthday tomorrow, so hopefully I get to buy her a coffee or something.. yet again, if SHE drives ME! haha.

Time to work now. Tova is in class until about 12.45, then lunch then a small break then hyperbaric.

If I didn't have work to do I would go out of my mind.

I'm spending the rest of the day in pjs as what is the point in getting dressed exactly! I don't think the bears and coyotes mind what I am wearing.

....... It is a bit later in the evening now. Tova and I ended up having a pretty good day. After the hyperbarics we were walking back to our room and one of the mums came up to us and said "so, you wanna go to town?". She had been waiting for us to finish in the chamber so she could take us (she doesn't do hyperbarics). So about 30 seconds later Tova and I were ready to go. This was the first time Tova has left the camp since we got here. She loved it.
At first she was a bit scared in the car, but after a minute realised it was fun and got happy. Tova and I spent about an hour walking around the main street and then went to get Nappies. We ended up buy a heap of stuff and went to that tim coffee place to get a muffin and coffee. It came to a total of $2.75. Crazy. I wonder why it is so cheap.

After dinner and a bath we skyped the boys. Tova almost jumped out of her skin with happiness. The boys are a bit grumpy and tired, but we didn't care, we were just happy to see them.

We are both happy. Today has been a good day.

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