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Day Twenty-Three

Today was a good day. It went very fast. I had my session with Tova today in the class room. She did what I said mostly, she took ages to listen to me and wanted to do her own thing, but I was strong and just kept making her start again and do what she was supposed to.

Again, the therapists told me that Tova can walk unaided, she just needs to do it. .. Yuval and I need to keep practicing with her.

We didn't go outside today, however the sun seems to have appeared.. It is warmer tonight than it was last night.

I did body attack in the morning. I even found on youtube one track with my instructor from home, steph.. so that was nice.. familiar.

it is frightening to think that we are almost done here. It is bitter sweet. I feel we could get more out of it if we stayed longer. So, perhaps we will come back.. We shall see what we can find at home like this.

I have spent the day making Tova walk in the walking frame everywhere we need to go. She doesn't like it. She wants to crawl or be carried. I just said a heap of no. She has to practice and understand that she has to walk to get where she wants to go.

The chamber was as boring as ever, but time didn't go too slow. We did drawings and made a birthday card for a mum who's birthday is today. There has been no horrible hockey nor wiggles for ages, which is fantastic. BUT Tova isn't interested in anything that has been put on, so it has been 1.5 hours of writing letters and numbers and words and pictures etc..

Tova doesn't even ask for books before bed now, we are both so sick of the books we have with us that we just can't bring ourselves to read them. No complaints from me.

Other than that, I just spend my time working and eating. Tova has been learning and hopefully developing.

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