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Day Twenty-One

Mothers day! Happy Mothers day to me and my mum.

Today was no different to any other weekend day here. I watched cars come and go. One car was full of one family, so no room for Tova and I to get a lift. The other mum who went to town doesn't do hyperbarics, so she goes when we are in the session. Bummer.

I could get a hire car, but really, I don't see the point. All I would do is spend heaps of money and time driving to town and back which means Tova would be stuck in the car seat, we would walk around town, with Tova in the pram and then go back. I may as well put Tova in the pram here, go for a walk up and down the very boring roads here and save time and money. Tova doesn't mind. So, I am going to change my mind set and be at peace with being almost completely stuck here while watching other families have freedom and fun.
We are here for one reason.. Tova.

Tova had a reasonable day. Lots of movies, two hyperbarics and a walk up to the winery and back. It was closed.
I thought maybe it would be open for mothers day and Tova and I could sit down in there.. but nope.
It is probably a good thing as I don't think they serve anything other than wine.

Tomorrow is therapy again. I hope Tova makes some massive gains.

Now I am just 'living' for Niagara Falls. Tova and I will go there for one of our last nights. We have booked a spectacular room overlooking the water falls, at least I hope it is spectacular.

I wonder what Tova will think about Niagara. I want to get T-shirts that say Niagara. I also am completely in love with the Canadian flag, I love the red, one of the grandmothers here got some socks with the flag, they are so cool. I will go on a mission to get some too.

The adult 'patient' and her mum went today. They were doing a 3 week program. It is different without them. I miss them actually, they were also trapped like me and it was nice to feel so not alone and to not be the only needy one here. Now it is just me needing a lift to get shopping and freedom.

That's it. I am looking forward to Tova having fun tomorrow. She loves therapy. Lucky.

Day Twenty-Two
Day Twenty