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Day Twenty-Seven

We did our first Hyerbaric session this morning at 9am. Then Tova and I went to our room. I did BodyAttack and she watched the wiggles. I was jumping around next to her for 55 mins and I think she only looked at me out of the corner of her eye twice. She a good girl. She watched the wiggles standing leaning on her bed. She has been doing quite a bit of that standing leaning stuff.

Lunch and then the next hyperbaric session.
Boring and frustrating. If only I could have the ipad or Tova's shows on every time, it would go so fast. No one likes it in there.

After that session I gave Tova a muffin.. since we have so many.

The we went to the therapy room to have a practice with the canes. Tova is so difficult. She just won't do it. She does the pretend fall thing laughing and lays on the ground saying no.. Very frustrating. Even bribing with singing didn't help. I remained patient and eventually got her to take a few steps. I have never seen her so stubborn, it is great but frustrating.

This afternoon I offered to take her out the back to the playground. She cried and said no every time. Eventually I took her anyway. we were out there for about 15 mins then back inside. Tova was pretty much a sad sack for the rest of the evening. Even not wanting to talk on skype ot the boys.

I just hope so much that she isn't getting sick.. well I don't mind if she gets a little bit sick, but not hospital sick. Not sure that I would cope.

She took ages to go to sleep, it was about 9pm when she finally fell asleep. Her breathing seems fine.. I am a bit scared.. hopefully for nothing.

One week to go! I have another week to eat and eat and eat.. which is all I am doing here at the moment. Good thing I don't have car or I would be at the junk food store every day..

So.. here is hoping for a very boring night and rest of our stay here in Canada..

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