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Day Twenty-Nine

The last week!!!!

Things I am looking forward to the most are being able to go to the shops, not depending on others, having personal space, doing laundry every day, cleanliness, easy to use kitchen, the boys!

Tova woke up really sad this morning. She was in a deep sleep so I asked Yuval on Skype to wake her up. She was so fast asleep. I patted her to wake her a bit and after a few minutes she just cried and cried. So unusual. Yuval and I were worried. Poor tinky. Well anyway, it seems that it was just a waking up from a deep sleep thing as after about 10 minutes she was laughing at Yuval and ready to go have breakfast.

Off to class today. Today is the last proper day of class. Tomorrow the parents are in the room all day and Wednesday I think each child and parents go in the room separately for some amount of time. There are also two hyperbaric sessions that day. Thursday is graduation. Friday they have a short day, but actually we are all leaving on Thursday. So the staff will get a long weekend before the next group start. I assume there are people starting next week. Not sure.

Body attack again this morning. It feels great to at least move once a day. No more outside for me nor walking/jogging to that lake. Too boring. Too many flies. It was so fascinating for the first couple of weeks. Now not so much.

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