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Day Twenty-Four

Tova had her quick Chiropractor session today. She is such a good girl. She loves watching the other kids get their chiro stuff done too, she laughs and points and basically just acts delighted.

Today went super fast again. I did body attack in the morning. There is only just enough space in my room for it. It is fun.

While Tova was in her session I worked and watched the squirrels outside my window, they are so tiny and cute, not to mention fast. After hyperbarics Tova asked to ride the bike through the building and outside where she watched the squirrels too. I love that she loves animals.

Tova was a bit sad when she woke up, until she skyped aba (Dad/Yuval), that made her happy.

She isn't impressed that I'm not letting her crawl nor be carried anywhere. She complains about it but I try and make walking in the frame fun for her by telling her to run and how great she is.. She likes that stuff.

The chamber was long and boring today.. not really terribly different to any other day. Tova loves the owner Kevin and talks to him etc.. cute..

There was a thunder storm this morning that was beautiful. I have never heard thunder like that before, there was no break, it was continuous. Lovely to be next to Lake Ontario in the middle of nowhere listening to the storm pass by. Once it passed the sun came out and the day was actually really warm.

Tomorrow I have my individual session with Tova again at 11.30am. I wonder how much she will play up for me this time..

Storm near lake ontario
Picton Storm

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