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Day Twenty-Five

One week to go. It has gone way too quickly.

So, I just had the individual session with Tova in the class room today. I was expecting more of the same big fail and cheekyness. Even though the therapists assure me that they have seen Tova walk a few steps independently with the canes.. I have never really 'believed' them.

WELL! oh my goodness, I mean seriously, what the f### just happened? Tova the incredible! I can not believe my eyes, she took about 4 very wobbly but completely independent (meaning without an adult holding the stick nor holding her) STEPS using the CANES! UnflippingReal!

We have always known she would do it 'ONE DAY', but it just goes to show that practice, practice, practice and tada!!! She is absolutely terrible at it and can't be left alone with the canes as she will just fall.. But I can see it won't be long, with lots of practice, she will be walking with canes and not the walking frame in not time! THEN walking with NOTHING! Tova is amazing.

She looks so pretty today, she has Yuval's eyes and they are sparkling.

Maybe I will make her cake as a reward (or punishment as there is only white peroxide flour here and I have no way to get to the store to buy real flour).

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