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Day Twenty

Little Tova slept in this morning, till about 8.55. Hyperbaric is at 9am so I figured she could eat breakfast in there while the hoods are off at the beginning. But the session was running late so Tova actually got to eat her breakfast first. Then right away into the tank. Tova was happy and bright as she usually is in the mornings. We did drawings and numbers and letters. There was a movie on in the background that no one watched. But at least it wasn't horrible music.

The time went pretty quickly actually.

Then we had a snack, attempted to do some of the therapy and rode the trike around the hallway. Back to the chamber at 12ish. Someone requested sesame street, which was a good idea. Tova just wanted me to draw and so forth which I did for a while but then gave up and lay down. She actually let me and she watched Sesame street for a while. Good girl.

After that Tova had a late lunch and now we are just doing nothing. There isn't anything to do inside nor outside, so she is watching the wiggles. I might take her outside in a min as it is a bit sickening to be inside for the entire day doing so very little. I wish I had a car, I would have gone straight into the town and wandered around with tova, gone to a cafe and wandered more, there is a library too, we would have gone there, if it was open. But nope, we are completely trapped in this place.

It is cold and raining mostly today too. Although some sun just shone through onto my desk. It must be outside time..

Tova is still in her pjs and it is something like 4pm.

I got a bit sad with Tova today, we went to the therapy room and I wanted her to practice walking with the canes. She has a game with them where she throws one to the floor and laughs, then pretend falls to the ground laughing too. It makes me sad as it is such a waste of time. The therapists said she would be walking if she could just practice more. I don't have the patience nor time for her cheeky behaviour.
And she is so cute when she does all this that I have to try so hard not to laugh. But actually today it made me quite sad at her.


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