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Day Twelve

I went to Picton (the closest town) today for about an hour while Tova was in class. I went to the local op shop to see if there were any Wiggles Dvds as we are going a bit insane in the hyperbaric chamber with the kids requesting Wiggles every time and there being only one Wiggles dvd in the centre.

I did find a Wiggles VHS, but when I opened the cover, it was something else. So... I guess we suffer tomorrow as we have two chamber sessions each day over the weekend.. quack quack quack, cock a doodle doo... la la la...

Tova asked to go outside to play on the play equipment after hyperbarics today. So we did that. I didn't feel like bike riding as I have a mountain of work to do.

Tova didn't eat much dinner tonight (FRESH SALMON!! YUM!).. So hopefully it is just one of those things and she isn't getting sick. It is unusual for Tova not to eat.  She seems well and most definitely happy.

Nissim and Tova skyped this evening. They are both so happy to see each other.

I'm not sure what we are going to do over the weekend. I really have to work, but also have to ensure that Tova has an active and good day. I need Yuval or Taylah here. I was imagining Taylah here today. It would be fantastic if she was here. If we come back again (which I hope we do) I most certainly am going to save up to bring Taylah next time.. if she want's to come of course.

Tova has been going to sleep late the past two nights. I'm not sure what is up with that. I think her little portacot is a bit uncomfortable for her as she is probably a bit big for it.. and it isn't very soft. So when I let her fall asleep in my bed she gets all excited and it probably feels strange to her too. I can't sleep with her as she moves way too much during the night and takes the entire bed, so I put her back in her cot when I go to bed.

Picton Canada

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