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Day Three

Day three. Pretty similar to day two. I imagine most days are going to be quite similar.

Skype with aba in the morning, that made Tova's day.

Breakfast, dressed and handed Tova over to the class room. They must be nice to her in there because she is happy to go in. I do feel a bit worried about the hands but I have seen them carry the bucket with a jug and water for hand washing, so at least there is that.

Two kids are sick today. I have forbidden Tova to get sick. One has a temp and one was vomiting in the morning (no fever or anything, so it was probably just one of those things). The poor parents had to spend the day in their room. Poor kiddies. Everyone is hoping that no one else gets sick. There is nothing we can do now.. Just wait and see. This is the life of communal living. I am worried but am not going to stress too much about it as it won't achieve anything. Anyway, Tova won't get sick.  I have some pred with me in case.

At lunch time a chiropractor visited the camp. He comes every Wednesday. Tova and I had a session, it costs extra but is only $18 for Tova and a bit more for me.

I worked during the 4.5ish hours that Tova was in her therapy. I am also doing heaps of eating.. not much else to do while trapped in the middle of nowhere in cold Canada. It started raining today, it looks and smells absolutely beautiful outside. We are in the 'bush' so everything smells so fresh out there. And it is all misty, I guess because we are near the lake (the same lake that feeds into Niagra falls actually. It is a 15 min walk from here).

Tova was keen to do Hyperbaric today. I am not sure why as she spends most of the time trying to get out. She handles the sessions quite well. I think we are in there for about 1.5 hours a day. I am also pretty sure it is bad for my skin being in that pressurised cabin, something is making my skin very dry, and Tova's hair too. She looks quite funny with her space-girl helmet on in the chamber. We can't take photos, but I will try and get someone to take a pic through the window perhaps.

There isn't much else to say. We didn't go outside or anything today, it is too cold and wet. Bring on summer... Then back home to winter.. :-(

Here is a photo of some kids (not this group) doing Hyperbaric therapy. I just want to show anyone that is interested the super space girl helmet that Tova has to wear during the therapy. It is funny.


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