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Day Thirty-One

NO MORE HYPERBARICS! That is a nice feeling. Bitter sweet actually.

Sad because it is possibly doing Tova a world of Stem Cell good, and good because it is so very boring and tedious being locked in a little chamber with 3 other adults and 3 other children. That is  lots of people for such a small space.

Tova had her little video session today. I wasn't allowed in, so Yuval and I can watch it together once we figure out how to watch an American dvd on an Australian player. Perhaps we will never get to see it.

The interview bit was me talking to one of the therapists. We talked about Tova and her progress. She asked if I would come back. I said yes, but I would prefer my husband to come back instead, as long as the returned him. I remember Austria wanted to keep him because he is so fantastic with kids and people generally. I MISS MY FAMILY.

Another beautiful thunder storm tonight. Again, short but amazing.

Tomorrow Tova has class and then we are catching a train outta here.

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