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Day Thirty

Only 2 more hyperbaric sessions to go. Tomorrow there are two. There isn't class tomorrow for Tova. There is a video and interview or something.

Today was fine. All the parents attended the class today (well all except two mums that left for the day to get tattoos while their hubbies sat in the room with the rest of us.. clever mums).We were on one side of the room, on very uncomfortable stools watching the kids have their day of therapy. It  was cute and fun to watch  most of the time. I did have to fight falling asleep standing up at one stage (we didn't only sit there, we also did work with the kids). Tova had woken up at about 4am this morning and I am really tired.

In the class today Tova took about 40 steps with the canes, she only did her fake falling a couple of times. She is VERY wobbly, but wow, she is improving already so much. Amazing to see. I had tears in my eyes. I know that it isn't 'walking' but it is closer. I have chosen to celebrate her wobbles, because before we got here, there was no way in the entire universe that she could do this. The therapists say that the only thing holding Tova back is her attitude. We will work on that. She's a clown.

After lunch was the chamber. I fell asleep in there. I had no choice, I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Tova let me mostly. It is kind of magnificent falling asleep in there as time passes so fast. I could have happily stayed in there for a few hours, sleeping.

Tova and I have completely run out of food. Well, we have oats, avocados and bananas.. We are leaving on Thursday, so hopefully there is food on the train to Toronto. Or we will be living off oats all Wednesday and Thursday.

I am so very much looking forward to SHOPS, being able to go buy milk when I need it. This has been a horrible experience living with no car and no public transport and no way to get anywhere. I am sure no one can live like this. It is HORRIBLE.

There have been a few thunder storms here for the past few nights. Really beautiful, very quick and very loud. The days have mostly been quite warm and sunny, which is nice considering we are going home to winter. Not that Tova and I have actually be outside for however many days. We did go outside today to pick Lilacs.

Wow, 30 days of therapy done and dusted. We most certainly have a changed Tova and motivation and tools to go home with. This was the right thing to do. I think Tova's life will change from now onwards..

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