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Day Thirteen

Saturday. Nothing much day. Two Hyperbaric sessions. First one we watched hockey. Tova liked it and watch it almost the entire time. I didn't watch but suffered through the terrible music.. mostly because of the audio/speakers in there are not fantastic. The second session I suffered through the same wiggles episode. Gawd. Tova loved the wiggles.

I worked most of the day letting Tova watch a heap too much tv and ipad. We went for a bike ride and played out side on the swings n stuff to break it up a bit through out the day. And it is a beautiful day. Lovely and warm. It is nice in my room looking out the window at the blue sky and little sparrows fluttering around.

Things I would love to have here: Husband, son and a car! Or to not need to be here at all! I'm busy, Tova is busy, so we aren't homesick.. but home is where we would rather be. Everything is so much easier at home. Tova better start walking, talking and or eating soon to make being across the world worth while. Although I must say it is a beautiful part of the world with beautiful people.

Oh and yesterday I found ryvitas in the supermarket and they are better than at home!

Tova ate well today. So, not sure why she didn't want dinner last night. Don't care... I never thought I would say that.. I love how relaxed eating has become.. well, at least I love being relaxed about Tova not eating..

Now it is almost bath time for Tova, then books and bed. we are sitting in our room listening to stilux first..

I was warned that weekends sucked here.. Yes.. they absolutely do!

---OMG- I just heard a Coyote howling.. (yes, it could have been a dog.. but there are no neighbours around here, so I am going with Coyote)... cool!

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