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Day Ten

Yep, today was again very similar. The difference being that it was warm outside (20 something) and someone spotted a bear up the road today.

After class, lunch and hyperbaric today Tova and I went for a bike ride - see pic below.

Oh, at lunch today Tova started feeding herself. She did it perfectly! So, I am going to encourage that. I tried not to make a big fus, as eating is normal not something to celebrate.. It was hard.. I was so proud!

The teachers commented about Tova in general having 'so much potential'. So there is that.

Walk unaided Tova! She wants to.

I'm happy that the sun has started to shine.

Some of the other mums and I were going to go for a jog this evening, but we are all afraid of the bear. So we stayed in.

A visiting family delivered this coffee to us all today.. umm.. omg....

coffee death bag goon

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