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Day Sixteen

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go into Tova's class room for an amount of time that feels like an eternity, it may be an hour. I get to do some of the therapy with Tova so I know what is going on. Tova just plays up for me. She is cheeky. She tries to do things like pretend fall and climb over ropes when she is supposed to walk between them etc.. she has a good laugh and gets in trouble with the therapists.

I went for a jog this morning down to the lake and back. That is it for my exercise. My clothes are shrinking.. oh well. It is really hard to eat well and exercise here, in the middle of no where with no car and no husband/son. I'm so over food and I am so over being over food! There is nothing else to do here. I have to go to town soon and get some carrots or something healthy to snack on..

I have managed to get Tova to sleep by 8pm tonight. I started at 6.30. So, that is good!

She is on her third night of the big girl bed... we will have to get her a big girl bed when we get back. She is ready. She doesn't even get out of the bed when I leave the room for an hour and come back to check.

The chamber was ok today, we all talked about those poor girls that were found this morning after 10 years of being kidnapped.. and we had fantasia on in the background. Tova and I did drawings.

Tova and her little friends played on the play equipment for a bit after the hyperbaric chamber. We couldn't stay out for too long as the sun was beaming and no one wanted to get burned.

The weather is spectacular.. The people are lovely..

Tova swing
Tova on Swing Canada

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