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Day Six

Today we slept in a bit, had breakfast and went to the chamber at 9am.

Tova and I did laundry and she rode around the building on a bike (inside the building). I am not sure how that filled in the morning but it did. Then lunch.

After lunch one of the other mums offered to take Tova into the chamber so that I would get a break. Her fiance is here (leaving tomorrow) so he went in with their son. I said YES before she had a chance to finishing asking me.. I left the final decision up to Tova, she was more than happy to go in without me. I felt very comfortable about it all, perhaps a little nervous about the start when the pressure changes in there and ears can hurt. But I was watching through the window for those first minutes and Tova was as happy as can be (being read to) and the mum looking after her was fantastic, offering Tova drinks and telling her to suck her thumb.. Then I went off for the hour (which went so very fast).

Tova and I went for a walk and play in the play equipment out the back during the afternoon.

Not much else happened.

Tova and I skyped Yuval and Nissim after dinner (their breakfast). That was fun. Tova loved it. Nissim loved it. Nissim loves entertaining her.

Tomorrow two hyper chambers again.. Then week one done!

hyperbaric o2 canada

I took this photo from outside looking in just before their session finished. It was nice to not have to go in twice today.

Tova doing Hbot
Hbot in Canada. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Day Seven
Day Five

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