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Day Seven

Sunday. Not quite a lazy Sunday, but close enough.

Two hyperbaric sessions, the second one with the Wiggles playing..... Tova was mesmerised. It was the first time she paid attention to the tv in there (not that it is actually in the chamber, it is on the outside of one of the windows). It was good, easy.

After the first session this morning Tova and I found a bike with a child thingy on the back. I can't remember what they are called, but it has wheels and the child gets to sit inside a comfy carriage. So we went for a ride. It was great fun. This area is rural lots of vineyards, trees and fields. There are loads of Eagles flying around, they are so big and beautiful. It is a warmish day, the sun is shining and everything is sweet. Except for this crazy ginger beer I am drinking, it isn't sweet at all, it is so gingery. Yum.. But I have to drink it slowly as it almost burns me. Canadians must be tough.

One of the dads left yesterday and the other today. It is mostly women and kids here now.

I am missing my boys and how helpful they are. Nissim would be the ring leader if he was here. He is such a little dude. And I miss how much Yuval cooks. I hate cooking so much. The other day I cooked two days worth of meals just so I wouldn't have to cook over the weekend.

Week one done. If all the weeks go this fast it is going to fly by.

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