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Day Nineteen

What? How on earth is it Friday already again? Wow, time goes so fast here, even when we aren't having any fun. Amazing.

Two more weeks to go. Come on Tova, start walking!

Tova is happy, I am much happier. I do still feel trapped, but, so what. We aren't here for me.

Tova doesn't like going to the Hyperbaric chamber, when we are leaving our room she starts saying 'Finished'. But, she is a good girl in there. We draw, and write numbers and letters. We haven't had to watch the Wiggles nor Hockey for a few days now, which is a relief.

I was looking through old emails about hyperbarics in Australia. For 40 hours it would be $7000. 40 hours here at Ability Camp is usually $3,800, there was a special on for this month, so we are paying even less. So it is actually cheaper to fly to Canada and do 40 hours here than to do it at home.

Today when we all went into feed the children lunch, the therapists said to leave the food outside and come in first. When we went in the kids were all sitting around the table with mothers day cards and a plant for each parent. How lovely. The therapists here are really lovely. I had tears in my eyes and couldn't read the card properly in case I cried in front of everyone, because I am a wuss.

Another lovely thing about the therapists here is that they all seem to really genuinely love the kids. They walk past them and kiss the tops of their heads and always are compassionate and caring. It is really nice to see people love their jobs so much. Great people!

I wonder how my little man is going at home, it is Saturday morning for them, he will be going to shull with Savta Viva. Yuval and Nisism slept at Yuvies mum's last night. Cute. I have been picturing them sleeping in the bed together all day as it is their all night..

So, it is the weekend again tomorrow. gawd.. what to do between hyperbarics.... hmmm. The weather has been miserable today, raining and freezing. I hope the weekend is better. I guess we will bike ride as there isn't anything else to do with no car and no way to get anywhere.

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