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Day Nine

Last night Tova was having troubles falling asleep. She ended up sharing my bed with me. Which means I didn't get much sleep. She is horrible to sleep with. It is such a lovely idea, but she moves so much and takes up so much of the bed.

This morning Tova went to class and I worked. I ended up going for a jog to the Lake and back. I put my hand in the water. It is strange to think that it is the same lake that feeds into Niagra falls so many k's away.

One of the adults finished her program here and has gone home. I think there are about 12 of us here now. Half parents. Something like that.

In the Hyperbaric chamber Tova was a bit sad and asked to be finished the second the hood went on. She was fine once the Wiggles was put on. There is only one Wiggles movie here, so I will have to do something about that or we will all go insane in there listening/watching the same one for the next 4 weeks.

Tonight I cooked food for the next 2 days. I have been doing that, cooking in the evening - enough to last for two days. The kitchen here is old and not much bench space, so it is easier to cook once everyone is finished in there.

We skyped the boys this evening, which is their morning. Tova was asking to Skype Nissim earlier today, so she was happy when they came online. We have seen the boys almost every day, even Zev and Bosun (cats) have skyped.


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