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Day Fourteen

Sunday... The end of week two... The dates on my blog aren't correct exactly because I haven't changed the time zone on my computer, so it thinks it is Monday, because it actually is in Australia.

Tova slept in a bit, I think because she didn't sleep so well in that portacot. Tonight I am going to try her in the single bed and see what happens. I have a bed rail on the side. I just hope she doesn't climb over it and fall even further. I think she will be more comfortable in the bed. It is bigger and softer. It will also be vaguely cute if she climbs into my bed in the morning without me having to get up to get her.

Apparently Nissim is missing Tova and I. I get lovely emails from my amazing husband. The one I read this morning told me that Nissim is having a hard time at the moment, emotional... my poor little boy. I miss him. I often imagine him here and how helpful and fun he would be, but also how bored he would get.

After the first Hyperbaric session this morning Tova and I went for a bike ride. We did a big blocky (Tasmanian word for driving around the block). It took us about an hour. We got lost a couple of times and had to stop at farms to ask for directions. I also kept getting confused about which side of the road to ride on. ALSO, I got some colour, not burn.. It is an absolutely beautifully stunning day. I am even in shorts! I love summer weather! It is sad to imagine that I will be going home to winter weather.

I'm not sure about what to do with the rest of today. Some of the other mummas set up a kiddie pool for the kids to play in. So, perhaps Tova will join them in there at some stage.

The hyperbaric chamber is driving us all a little insane. Tova most certainly doesn't like watching Hockey (she was interested yesterday, but not today). The music is just terrible on the dvd too, and so loud. And the wiggles, omg, I just can't handle watching that for even one more second. So for the second session we watched Grease. The kids didn't like it. But I found that the time went a little faster for me. Poor kids, it really is boring in there. I have read Tova every book we have with us about 20 times.. I also just can't read another 'In The Night Garden' book, like ever!

The next time we go into town I will go back to the op shop and see what else there is to watch. Or even try and find a store that sells dvds. I wish our Australian DVD's would play here on their DVD player.

So, Tova is dancing to some different wiggles music on my bed. I am taking some time out, then dinner, bath, books, bed. Thank goodness it is Monday tomorrow so Tova has something to do for most of the day. I am so boring as I have so much work to do. 


It is about 9pm now. Tova finally asleep in her big girl bed. I hope she stays in there tonight. I put her in there at bed time and checked on her every now and then. She stayed in the bed the entire time (as far as I am aware). So that is a good start.

Tova Big Girl Bed
Tired Tova in a big girl bed

Day Fifteen
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