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Day Fifteen

Yay for Monday and therapy..

I'm not sure why they run late, but they were 15 mins late to start today. That is a bit frustrating as I have so much work to do.

Today is another spectacularly beautiful day with the sun shining and blue sky making everyone feel happy.

It seems that Tova had a good day. One of the therapists said to me today that Tova should be walking with the sticks, she just has to practice and get used to using them, but once she gets the hang of how they work, there is no reason why she wouldn't use them. Yay for that! Crazy. It would be amazing if she would walk with the stick things. The walking frame is great too, but sticks!!

The hyperbaric chamber is really, really boring. Tova doesn't like it at all. She wouldn't mind if she could suck her thumb for the entire time, but she can't because of the hood. We 'watched' peter pan today, a much better sound track to have in the background. I am going to try and get to town to buy some textas and paper for her. Apparently there is a $1 shop, I will go there and get some supplies.

Tova has grabbed the spoon from my hand a few times, to feed herself. She is VERY good at it! I can see a light.. sort of.. almost.. at the end of the tunnel. I can imagine a walking & self feeding Tova.

A tiny squirrel played in the lawn and tree outside my window this morning that was nice. I haven't really seen much if any wild life here, which is strange because we are in the 'bush'.

Well, I am so happy to be in the sunshine and that my long cold Australian winter will now be a touch shorter as I am missing a bit of it.

I have booked a train to Niagara Falls and hotel over looking the waterfall for one of our last days. Fun.. hopefully.

Oh and Tova slept in her big girl bed all night and was still asleep when I got up at 7am. Probably because she went to sleep after 9pm.

Freddy Kruger School bus
Yellow american school bus

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