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Day Eleven

What is going on? How is time going this fast? Friday tomorrow already. Crazy.

Tova and I went for a bike ride to the lake down the dirt track road today. There were so many bugs (little flys) that we only stayed there for about 2 mins. It is stunning down there, the water is crystal clear.
Today was warm. 20something..

I think Tova is getting stronger already. It is hard to say. But I have noticed her walking better in her 'round the wrong way' walking frame.

At the moment it is about 9.30pm. Tova is still awake. This is very unusual for her. I hope it is just one of those things. She is a bit sad but doesn't want to be held. So, she is in her little bed trying to sleep. She is so cute..

We skyped Yuval in the morning. Nissim was at my mums. Tova asks to Skype Nissim sometimes, lovely. I love that they are friends.

Tova looking at Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario and Tova

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