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Day Eighteen

Still feeling crappy. Everything is making me mad. Someone turned the fridge to warm, so everything in there is pretty much ruined. I don't actually have any food really, so I don't' care about that, but I do have all Tova's growth hormone in there.. I do care about that. Not sure why someone would change the setting on the fridge. So inconsiderate.

On a happy note. One of the mums (the one that hugged me  yesterday) took me into town first thing this morning we were there at about 9 am and got back about 11.30am. So that was good. I walked up and down the main street. It is very much like Mullumbimby or Dalesford.. Not much there, but enough. The health food store had coconut  yogurt, so I got that for Tova. She is going to be so happy!

I got food, shampoo and everything in between. I feel better now. We had nothing, and no car to get anything. I gave the mum some money for petrol, which made me feel better about wasting her morning. I now have a massive bunch of grapes next to me for snacking.. yum..

I went to the op shop and got 5 VHS movies for the chamber. Mostly they are nursery rhymes. One of the other girls here loves nursery rhymes, so hopefully it will make her happy.   I also got textas and a little whiteboard for Tova to draw on in there. And some stickers.

Because I was in town, I missed the Tova/ima time in the class today.. thank goodness. I hate it. I really needed the time out, a mental health day. I am feeling better than I was yesterday and now I have comfort food to help me out too!

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Tova Kay Walker

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