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Day One

Day one was fine. I have only one issue which I will talk about somewhere in this post.

The morning started at 8.30 after breakfast. Tova, the other kids and all the parents went to the 'class room'. We were shown the types of things the kids will be doing for the 5 hours a day over these 5 days a week.

The most interesting part of this is that Yuval and I had been inventing exercises with Tova over the past year or so. We have been doing these in the evening before bed (mostly Yuval recently as I have struggled to find the motivation). Things like doing the bridge, touching toes and so forth. Well, this therapy here is similar. I felt encouraged and grateful that Yuval and I have been open minded enough to figure these things out for ourselves mostly. We did have some small guidance from Bec, who was Tova's physio a while back, but Beck resigned and wandered off into another line of work the last I heard.

I was thankful that the day didn't go as slow as I expected, and I was very impressed with how Tova behaved and listened to instructions. She is amazing. I think school back at home has already had a very big impact on her. I feel bad that we are missing so much of this semester. But...

The therapy is good. The therapy is going to change Tova for sure, as Tova is so very motivated AND the therapists spend most of the time singing.. Tova is in her heaven. The therapists are all very nice too, which helps.

Things that I found a challenge are that all the kids are put on potties a couple of times during the 5 hours (that bit isn't' strange, that bit is good), but after 'toilet time' is over, they don't wash the kids hands. I was HORRIFIED and had to fight back tears. I really don't know what to do about this. It is so strange to not wash hands after going to the toilet I don't even know where to begin to think about what to say about this. How freaking revolting and strange. Of course I had to say something. They were very nice to me about it and have told me that they will wash the kids hands using a bucket and jug and won't put the kids hands in the dirty water. I don't understand why they don't' just wash their hands in the basin around the corner from the class room. So unusual and dangerous. I hope with all my heart and soul that Tova doesn't get sick, I can't even imagine how horrific it would be to have to go to hospital here, alone, so far from home. So yes, i am very scared about this. I also hate being the one that has a problem. It makes me so uncomfortable. But what can I do? It can be a matter of life and death if someone gets sick from gross stuff like gastro. gawd.. how strange. I just can't believe it.

So other than the no washing hands, which to me is actually HUGE, the therapy is good.

After therapy we had a break for half an hour then into the hyperbaric O2 therapy chamber. Tova was very interested in it all, she happily put on her collar thingy and came into the chamber. We drank heaps of water to stop our ears from hurting and then it was time to put the helmety thingy onto Tova. She let me.. She was ok. But she didn't like it. One of the other families was kind enough to provide Tova with a Winnie the pooh dvd as ours doesn't play on American players. So that was good, but Tova was too focused on the hood-helmet thing to get into the movie. Hyperbaric therapy is b  o  r  i  n  g for us adults, and for the kids too really. It goes for about 1.5 hours. Tova will have it once  a day during the week and twice a day on the weekends. If it does amazing things we will probably try to continue with it at home. There is a center in Toorak that does it.. with the toorak price...

Tova and I are pretty sick of each other. Tomorrow morning I hand Tova over at 8.30am and get her back at 12.45 or something (I can't remember the exact time). So when they told me I had 5 hours off a day, it wasn't true. But anyway. I will work around her and I have the electronic babysitter with me so I can work.

Everyone here is friendly and kind. Everyone has an accent. There are quite a few conversations about Coffee, which is fun as I am a new coffee drinker.

We miss our boys. I miss having a car.
We haven't even been outside today for one second. The gym is going to love me when I get home, or I am going to love it.. for sure.

I have been told about a cheese factory nearby.. YUM. They even have maple cheese.. I wonder if I can take that back to Aus.. I will google it..

Last night Tova was awake from about mid night to 4 am, but she was in good spirits all day and now put to bed and fast asleep by 6.30pm. I hope so much that we don't wake up tonight. It would be nice to be over jet lag..

I wish Tova's friend Taylah was here.. she would be amazingly helpful. The only thing is that I don't think the other mums would let me take her back home with me. If we come back I am going to find a way to bring Taylah. There are a few dads here for the first week, helping out.. it makes a huge difference having help. Especially for the Hyper chamber. So Taylah, get ready for a trip to Canada one day.. and just 1.5 hours of work a day! Pretty good deal right? Or come here now!

I cooked amazing food for the first few days, but tonight couldn't be bothered.  I have to go to the shops and get Tova some free range chicken n stuff.. Hopefully I can find soy yogurt too..

Very happy Tova on a swing in Ontario
Tova on the swing at ability camp canada

Day Two
Travel Stress

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