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Happy New Year 2015

Tova has made it pretty much ONE ENTIRE YEAR with no ER visit nor an Ambulance ride.

Nissim has completed Prep and moves to Grade 1 this year. Tova has finished grade 1 and is going to grade 2.

Tomorrow Tova and I are going to Future Footprints for their 3 week therapy program in Adelaide. We will drive. In the morning I’ll load up the car and we will leave when we feel like it. I love not flying.

I have started packing some bags and pretty much have just thrown most of our summer clothes into a bag, I never get to do that when flying.

Tova got a bike the other week too, so I want to take that. I’m not sure if we will have enough room. But I do have roof racks.

The boys are staying home. It’s a long time to be away from them. But at least it’s not as far as Canada, Thailand, Austria and every other place we have been for therapy


Happy New Year 2015

Future Footprints 2015